Product Info - Alpaca Fiber


Alpaca fiber is one of the finest, most luxurious and prized fibers in the world. The fiber is soft, warm, light yet very strong, which makes it one of the most durable fibers. Alpacas have adapted to the coldest conditions of the Andes developing hair with high thermal properties.  The hollow core in the alpaca fiber holds the warmth and at the same time providing freshness in warm temperatures. Alpaca fiber is light in weight, soft and water resistant.


Due to the lack of natural grease, alpaca is easier, less expensive and cleaner to process than sheep’s wool. This characteristic also makes alpaca fiber hypoallergenic. Alpaca does not itch when put next to the skin, its scales are smooth and low therefore many people prefer its products when using first layer garments. In addition alpaca is more flame resistant than other fibers such as synthetic; the fiber does not tend to melt onto the skin.


The natural color of Alpaca comes in 22 tones ranging from white to black, in the middle we find beautiful beiges to brown and a vast range of grays. Also, dyes for other colors are easily and cleanly done with the fiber. 


Alpaca were precious animals for the old Andean civilizations. They appreciated the animal for its fiber and used it to make beautiful garments reserved just for the royalty.

  • Alpaca does not contain lanolin, so it is hypo-allergenic  
  • It is naturally water and flame resistant 
  • It resists odor 
  • It has superb breathability 
  • It is resistant to pilling and will not shrink if proper care is given 
  • It comes in a variety of beautiful colors naturally which eliminates a layer of color dyeing process 
  • It is luxurious and soft like cashmere, but more resilient and wrinkle resistant 
  • It is shinier, smoother, stronger and warmer than wool